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Our Mission

To impact the health and the socio-economic well-being of the LGBTQ+ community for men of color through education, literature, and mentorship programs.​

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Inequality Among LGBTQ+ Men of Color

The Most Pressing Economic Problems Identified by LGB+ Black Census Respondents were defined as a major problem or a minor problem in their communities

Rising college costs that make it unaffordable 63%
Lack of Affordable Healthcare 79%
Lack of Affordable Quality Housing 81%
Low Wages 84%

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BLAEQ is always searching for talented and qualified individuals who can help further our mission. We are an excellent organization bridging intellectual, emotional, spiritual, social understanding of Black Same Gender Loving and those who engage them through the Valley of the Sun.

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An Urban Pride

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showing his support for LGBTQ people

The civil rights icon's funeral will be held today. Former President Barack Obama will deliver the eulogy. Bill Clinton ....


hardwork protect LGBTQ+ Rights

This election is perhaps one of the most important in modern times. The current administration has worked tirelessly to erase equality for us.

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